A J-1 visa is granted to a student between the ages of 18-33 who is currently pursuing an Associate Degree , Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree while attending a university or college on a full time basis.

This opportunity was initiated by the US Department of State in the year 1963. This allows the J1 student to travel to the US at the beginning of the summer period to experience what the American culture is like on a firsthand basis.

It also gives that said student the privilege of working to cover their expenses while in the US. A J-1 visa is usually valid for 3-4 months. A social security number is granted to the J-1 student upon entering the US and submitting an application.

This number is used to pay taxes .These taxes are deducted from student’s salary. However the student will then be eligible for a tax return during the US tax period.

In order to be given this opportunity the student must be processed by a licensed J-1 program in their home country, such as ‘ITCE’, this student must have a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher (it is highly recommended) to be eligible to be processed by the US Embassy.

NB: If you are pursuing a diploma on a full time basis you may be eligible however conditions may apply.